Premises Liability

Hold Parties Accountable for Your Injury
In the State of Florida, it is considered the responsibility of a property’s owner and manager to ensure that it is kept in a safe condition. When state safety regulations and common sense are ignored by property owners, they unfairly put visitors and customers at risk of serious injury. Whether in someone’s private home, a small business, or something large like a shopping mall or hotel, you deserve to be reasonably safe.

Roof Falls
Roof falls have a devastating effect on the body. Your life will change. Long term hospitalization and in care facility treatment is not uncommon in such cases. You will need legal representation from an experienced trial lawyer. The Rubio Law Firm has successfully represented individuals who have fallen from roofs while performing work including power washing.

If you have been injured while on another person’s property, secure the legal assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney. Call us today:  954-474-8228. We make hospital visits.

Other Commonplace Premises Negligence Cause Serious Harm
Just about any piece of land or property can become unreasonably dangerous to visitors when safety standards are not upheld. A premises liability case does not have to necessarily revolve around a fault in the building’s construction, however. Sometimes a case can be built upon the action, or inaction, or the owner.

Hazards that can be grounds for a premises liability case include:

Damaged hand rails, leading to a slip & fall injury

Poor lighting in dark places

Dog bites caused by animals kept by negligent owners

Equipment turned hazardous due to inadequate maintenance

Inattentive or insufficient security in a dangerous area

Hazardous walking sidewalks or paths

Building Your Case in a Premises Liability Lawsuit
When you are legally on private property and are injured, you should not be the one who has to pay for costly medical repairs and rehabilitation fees out-of-pocket. With a careful analyzation of the evidence, it can be determined that the responsibility of the injury ultimately falls on the property owner. It is not unusual for a skilled personal injury attorney to be able to discover gross signs of negligence at the scene of the accident and then use them to your advance in court.

Many premises liability cases revolve around four major points of contention:

The defendant legally owned or possessed the premises

The plaintiff had been legally on the premises

There was ample reason for the defendant to be aware of the hazard

The defendant did nothing to appropriately correct the hazard

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