Rubio Law Firm is committed to ensuring that you receive quality legal representation in all areas of immigration law. We realize that immigration law can be stressful and confusing, so our team will evaluate your case and identify any relevant issues that can help you and your family members remain in the United States.

Rubio Law Firm handles all Immigration and Naturalization matters including:

Business Visas

Investor Visas

Employment-Based Visas

Nonimmigrant Visas

Immigrant Visas


Marriage Cases

Visa Extensions

Family Visa Petitions


We represent large corporations, as well as small business and the individual. We pride ourselves on giving individual and personal attention to each and every client.

Remember that U.S. Immigration is a national practice so the laws, procedures, and forms to be filed are basically the same no matter where you live. Therefore, we can handle most cases regardless of where you reside, including outside the United States. You will also find our rates competitive with those of your local law firm.

We are prepared to represent clients in many types of immigration matters, including the following:

Avoid mistakes that could cause needless delays or could even disqualify you. Find the efficient, dedicated representation that you need and deserve from an immigration lawyer. We have helped more than a thousand people navigate the complex immigration system—discover how we can help you achieve your goals next!

To learn more about our immigration services and how we can help you, please call our office to schedule an initial consultation or send us an online contact form. Our initial consultation is $150 for 30 minutes. The cost of the consultation will be credited towards the final cost of any retained services.

We accept calls 24/7, 365 days a year!

Initial Consultation available in person or via video conferencing.

We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Payment plans available.

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